By Braden Dernoshek RpH

Most everyone is accustomed to traditional medicine. If one is ill, injured, or has a chronic condition, then one is usually treated with drug therapy. I refer to this as “reactive” medicine. The treatment of disease once it has occurred. Unfortunately, our entire healthcare system is built upon this approach. Most physicians may casually mention “lifestyle modifications” or other non-traditional/alternative therapies (chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.) but they will always use drug therapy as a first line treatment. For true health and wellness however, one must focus on “proactive” or “preventative” medicine, i.e. taking care of oneself to limit illness and maintain good health.

Preventative medicine is varied and may include simple things such as proper nutrition and daily exercise, but it should also include what I refer to as “adjunct therapies”. These are the more non-traditional treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, infrared sauna therapy and halotherapy. These therapies are not first line treatments for disease but can function as both preventative measures as well as work in cooperation with traditional treatments to increase good health at a quicker rate and, perhaps, limit one’s need for medications.

benefits of non-traditional therapiesAs a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, and a community pharmacist for many years, I’ve seen and understand the need for preventative medicine. The investment of time and money now can save one much more in the future. I refer to my “car analogy” often. A human body is a machine, like a car. One’s vehicle needs to be maintained to perform and remain in working order. One must invest in the vehicle and perform preventative maintenance (oil change, check the fluids, etc.). The vehicle is no good once it is broken down on the side of the road. Now it becomes much more expensive and time consuming to fix. One’s body functions the same, however, it is a much greater and more important machine. The body needs to be maintained through proper nutrition, exercise and preventative maintenance. Once one’s body fails, it becomes very expensive to fix and it may never perform at as high a level.

Infrared sauna therapy and halotherapy are very unique non-traditional therapies. A quick Google search will bring up a wide variety of clinical trials and studies on each of these. While they are much more popular in Europe, infrared sauna therapy and halotherapy are gaining traction and acceptance here in the US. These are not “gimmicks” but are viable adjunct therapies, which have been used in varied capacities for many centuries, to treat a variety of conditions and assist in maintaining good health. Our goal at Sanctuary Wellness is to bring these therapies into the mainstream so that our clients can achieve their highest level of health. These therapies are not cures but should be used in cooperation with a healthy lifestyle and traditional medicine to limit illness and increase well-being and overall health.”